2018 Stormwater Victoria Conference Proceedings:

pdfAmanda Stone - Water Sensitive Communities Driving Change - The Yarra River Protection Act

pdfAndre Taylor - Leadership to Deliver Water Sensitive Communities

pdfAndrew Grant - Stormwater Pollution Management - Measuring Performance

pdfBirgit Jordan and Bronwen Hutchinson - Strategic Investment in Runof Management

pdfCandace Jordan and Dr Dale Browne - Permeable Pavement - What's the Concrete Evidence

pdfCeleste Morgan and John Frdelja - Ballarat City Integrated Water Management Plan

pdfDavid Holmgren - Retrosurburbia

pdfEmma Hendy and Russell Martin - Managed Aqulfer Recharge (MAR)

pdfGeoff Connellan and Peter Symes - Stormwater Harvesting Storage Management to Achieve Sustainable Landscapes at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

pdfHugh Williamson - Coomoora Road Reserve Stormwater Harvesting Project

pdfJeremy Cheesman - Kingston Stormwater Quality in-lieu Contribution Scheme

pdfKate Berg - Soil Moisture Recharge to Maximise the Benefits of Stormwater Harvesting Systems

pdfKathy Russell - Sediment-sensitive Stormwater Management

pdfKym Whiteoak - Economic Assessment of the Ballarat Integrated Water Management Plan

pdfLeigh Holmes - Are We Serious About Integrated Water Management Plan

pdfNausheen Obaid and Daniel Fokkens - Proactively Maintaining and Renewing Casey's Water Sensitive WSUD Assets

pdfNick Andrewes - Fairbairn Park Pavillion Project

pdfPeter Coombes - Systems Analysis and Macroeconomic History Reveals

pdfPeter Woodman and Rushiru Kanakaratne - From Little Things, Big Errors May Grow - A Look at the Importance of QA

pdfRianda Mills and Chris Tancheff - An Integrated Water Management Approach

pdfRoss Allen - Water-Sensitive Communities - Understanding Context and Enabling Collaboration

pdfSheridan Blunt - Are Planning Controls the Best Approach to WSUD on Private Land?

pdfSheridan Blunt - Better Best Practice Notes - Stormwater and Beyond

pdfStephanie Milankovic - The Importance of Council Guidelines in Creating Water Sensitive Communities

pdfVaughn Grey - Building a Water Sensitive Municipality @ Moreland


2018 Stormwater Victoria March Breakfast Seminar Proceedings:

pdfMeg Caffin - The Role of Water in Urban - Greening - Cooling

pdfCarol Jadraque - Melbourne Water's Urban Cooling Program - A Tangible Climate Change Adaptation Inititative

pdfSarah Buckley - Case Study 1 - City of Stonnington IWM - Urban Forest

pdfRobyn Mitchell - Case Study 2 - City of Monash WSUD Street Trees Project Presentation Structure 

pdfJasmine Thom - Case Study 3 - Urban Forest Microclimate Research


2017 Stormwater Victoria November Seminar Proceedings:

pdfJeremie Bonneau - Sponge Cities - What Role for Stormwater Infiltration

pdfRoss Allen - Sponge Citis - Keeping Water in the Catchment

pdfTim Fletcher - Sponge Cities - Moving from WSUD to Water Sensitive Urban LandscapesTim Fletcher - Sponge Cities - Moving from WSUD to Water Sensitive Urban Landscapes


2017 Stormwater Victoria July Industry Forum Proceedings:

pdfGeorgie Wettenhall - Competing Demands for Environmental Stormwater Standards

pdfGordon Templeton - Theory Into Practice Certain Uncertainty 

pdfGordon Templeton - Theory Into Practice Certain Uncertainty with Notes


2017 Stormwater Victoria Conference Proceedings:

pdfAleks Svazas - Collaboration to Deliver Integrated Water Servicing Solutions - A Case Study for Sunshine NEC_Redacted

pdfAleks Svazas - Stony Creek Naturalization Project - Collaboration to Rejuvenate and Naturalise a Concrete Channel Drain_Redacted

pdfAlexandra Brown - Bringing Life to a Concrete Jungle - WSUD in Industrial Precincts

pdfAndrew Harrison - Asserting the Sustainable Drainage Agenda

pdfAnn Pugh - Doing the Best We Can - Or are We

pdfBrendan McNamara - How Much Do You Know About Assets

pdfCeleste Morgan - The New Role for Councils - Driving an Intergraded Green-Blue Approach

pdfDamien D'Aspromonte - Eastbank Lake - A Catalyst for Integration and Change

pdfDave Sharley - An Integrated Passive Sampling Approach to Detect and Identify Primary Sources of Pollution in Stormwater Networks

pdfDavid Howard, Nino Polon and Emma Pryse - Greening the Pipeline - MOS Pilot Williams Landing

pdfDing Chan - Use of Historical Weather Data in Planning a Diverse Water Supply System in an Uncertain Climate Future

pdfDr Stuart Field - Engaging Indigenous Knowledge - Taking a Leap into the Unexpected

pdfEdmond Lascaris - Coding Sustainability Practices Into Schools

pdfGeoff Connellan and Richard Dilena - Stormwater Scheme Lessons in Irrigating Green Space in the City of Greater Geeolong

pdfGlenn Ottrey - Defusing the WSUD Maintenance Time Bomb

pdfHaydn Read - Assets Using Big Data Analytics - Interoperability and New Frontier

pdfJarrod Gaut - Which WSUD Assets are Most Financially Sustainable?

pdfJessica Ward - Selling Water Better - A Human Centered Approach to Increasing the Status of Stormwater

pdfKathryn Skidmore and Vaughn Grey - Leading by Example on WSUD Policy Implementation

pdfKristina Sestokas - Towards Predicting Future Imperviousness - How the Melbourne Urbanisation Mapping (MUM) Project Took on This Challenge

pdfKristina Sestokas - Stormwater - Untapping the Potential... What Role Can Distributed Storages Play in Reducing Flood Effects

pdfLydia Cetin - Integrated Catchment - River Modelling of the Parramatta River to Support Achieving Swimmability Targets

pdfMatthew Pilcher - Priortizing Stormwater Mitigation Sites in Multiple High-Value Catchments of the Dandenong Ranges

pdfMichael Yule and Stephen Clarke - Reworking The Watershed - Using Decentralized Flood Management to Retrofit the Urban Environment

pdfNigel Pugh and Celine Marchenay - A Fully Integrated Water-Sewer-Drainage Model

pdfPenny Ball - How Water Sensitive is my Municipality - A New Tool for Benchmarking Practice

pdfRalf Pfleiderer - Flood Purge and SWH at Lincoln Squares Project

pdfRalf Pfleiderer - Rainwater Harvesting Over Sewer Mining - CH2 Case Study

pdfRod Wiese - Clever Use Of Existing Infrastructure to Minimize Construction Cost - Tally Ho Stormwater Harvesting Project

pdfSarah Watkins - How Do We Design Stormwater Harvesting for Waterways

pdfSimon Brink - ZAM-WSUD For Trees and the $1 Per Cleanout Gross Pollutant Trap

pdfValerie Mag - Developing Maintenance Requirements and Standards to Prolong the Engineering Life Piped Systems - The Kingston Case Study

pdfVaughn Grey - Collaboration to Retrofit WSUD


2017 Stormwater Victoria March Breakfast Seminar Proceedings:

pdfAndrew Thomas - Lastest Research Findings on Local Government Maintenance of Stormwater WSUD Assets in Melbourne

pdfNina Cossais - Internation Insights on WSUD Maintenance from Recent 'On The Ground' Research Conducted in Europe

pdfDale Browne - An Overview of the new WSUD Asset Audit Guidelines developed by Melbourne Water and Stormwater Water


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pdf2015 Letter of Support for Yarra River Act.pdf

pdf2013 Stormwater Victoria submission - Melbourne Water Future Strategy.pdf

pdf2010 Stormwater Victoria Position Paper.pdf


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